EthCC: Data sovereignty in web3

Henri Stern


Jul 20, 2022

"Web3 today sits on a knife’s edge where developers increasingly have to decide whether to include off-chain user data into their products. ""Can I take on an email or phone number? Do I build UX beyond a user's wallet and on-chain data?"" These questions are increasingly leading to two stacks: one which fully operates client-side and on-chain, built for pseudonymous power users, the OG Web3; and one which ingests user data into silo'ed databases to build richer UX, web3 in name only. What does the web3 stack look like moving forward? And how are developers to bridge the gap between user privacy and UX as web3 goes mainstream? I'll discuss how taking some user data off-chain is the best way to protect user privacy as web3 scales, and what techniques can allow us to build richer experiences without jeopardizing user data."

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