Auth for Everyone

Bring web2-caliber UX — like sign in with email and social — to your web3 product, so you can easily authenticate all of your users.

Access for all

Easily authenticate everyone, regardless of where they are in their web3 journey.

Progressive onboarding

Unify user profiles across login methods, so users can sign up with email before connecting a wallet, or vice versa.

Hard things made easy

All users are unified behind a simple object to provide a polished UX, without the need to branch your codebase.

Universal Auth

Seamless account creation

Familiar authentication methods like email, SMS, and social, so users without wallets can sign in too.

Works Everywhere

Battle-tested connectors

One wallet, fifteen wallets, zero problems. Easy wallet connection without frustrating app store redirects and broken mobile links.

Make it Yours

Customizable and delightful

Tailor the Privy modal to match your brand and choose the way(s) your users can authenticate.

Integrate Privy in 9 minutes


Embedded Wallets

The full web3 experience for users without wallets.


Powerful Connectors

Connect to all wallets, on any device, in every browser.


User Management

Understand your users to enhance your web3 product.