Embedded Wallets

Let your users sign in with email or social and get simple self-custodial wallets, for web2-caliber UX with web3 ownership and consent.

Effortless signatures

Your users can receive on-chain assets and sign to transact, without ever having set up an external wallet.

Interoperable by default

Enable your users to easily bring their new assets to OpenSea, Snapshot, and anywhere a wallet and its assets have power.

Self-custody made easy

Simple and safe key recovery using modern cryptography. Developers can never access users’ private keys or sign a message on their behalf.

Embedded Wallets

Wallets in 5 seconds and 2 clicks

Provision wallets for users on an as-needed basis, without forcing them to leave your app or download a browser extension again.

Make it Yours

Native to your app

Customize transaction messages to ensure your users are safe, flows are uninterrupted, and on-chain prompts remain contextual within your app.

web3 for Everyone

Native fiat on-ramps

Help your users fund their wallets with the tokens they need to engage with your app, cross-border, cross-network. Dozens of tokens supported.

Integrate Privy in 9 minutes


Auth for Everyone

Bring web2-caliber UX - like sign in with email - to your web3 app.


Powerful Connectors

Connect to all wallets, on any device, in every browser.


User Management

Understand your users to enhance your web3 product.