Privacy-first auth to onboard your users to web3

Easily onboard your users to web3 with a simple, robust library. Add beautiful authentication flows in minutes and serve every user, whether they have a wallet or not, across mobile and desktop.

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We make the hard things easy

Stop wrangling brittle wallet connectors and worrying about whether your users are connected, to what chain, and with what wallet. Privy Auth makes it easy to onboard crypto experts and beginners alike.

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  • Progressive Onboarding

    Onboard users with email, social or self-custodial wallets and ease them into web3.

  • Wallet Authentication

    Robust wallet connectors to easily authenticate users on mobile and desktop.

  • Powerful Identity Management

    User-centric identity management that keeps your users in control across apps.

and much more...

With Privy Auth

Get started in minutes

With just a few lines of code, securely onboard all users, whether they have a wallet or not, and get back to focusing on your core product.

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Build for people, not wallets

We believe Web3 is about ownership.

Privy builds identity solutions to give people back control of their data and identity online.

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