Simple APIs to manage user data off-chain

With a few lines of code, securely integrate sensitive data into your product. Build delightful experiences without putting your users, or their privacy, at risk.

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Delight your users

Protect your users

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Web3 deserves better tooling

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1// One call to encrypt sensitive data and store the encrypted result
2privy.put("0x71C..6F", [
3 { field: "email", value: "" },
4 { field: "ssn", value: "123-45-6789" }
7// One call to retrieve encrypted data and return the unencrypted result
8privy.get("0x71C..6F", ["email", "ssn"]);

Private and pragmatic

All data is encrypted client-side with your user's keys. Privy never sees user data.


Easy to integrate

Native libraries for your stack and your crypto wallet.


Web2 meets Web3

Easily bridge private (off-chain) and public (on-chain) user data.

Better products deserve safer data.

Associate real-world data to your users' on-chain addresses.

Engage your users

Use Privy to email or text users directly from their on-chain address.

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Build compliant products

Secure KYC and other sensitive data without having it touch your stack.

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Simplify user onboarding

UI building blocks to manage off-chain data responsibly.

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N wallets, 1 user

Build a unified experience across user wallets without doxxing your users.

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