User Management

Privacy-first, third-party integrations to understand how your users are engaging with your app and build better experiences.

Diagnose, iterate, improve

Robust user management and analytics to understand who your users are and how they use your product.

Effortless allowlists

Coordinate betas or manage growing waitlists by only permitting app access to specific emails, phone numbers, or wallet addresses.

Feature-gated roles

Manage access to features based on particular user types set within Privy, from read-only to full admin.

Powerful Auth

Secure and compliant access

KYC your users and keep your app bot-free with proof of humanity and uniqueness checks, from simple CAPTCHA to Gitcoin passport.

Build for Users

Rich product analytics

Understand your users and help them across their in-app journey with data on session history, sign-in breakdowns, and more.

Make it Yours

Third-party integrations

Supercharge your experience by integrating user data across dozens of popular apps, like Discord, Farcaster, and Lens.

Integrate Privy in 9 minutes


Auth for Everyone

Bring web2-caliber UX - like sign in with email - to your web3 app.


Embedded Wallets

The full web3 experience for users without wallets.


Powerful Connectors

Connect to all wallets, on any device, in every browser.