Better products deserve safer data

Privy helps you manage user data safely so you can build delightful experiences while respecting your users' privacy.

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Our Vision

We believe web3 presents a unique opportunity to reinvent the data paradigms that have failed us over the last 30 years and give users back control over their data online.

Our goal is to build simple, usable software with clean abstractions to unblock and delight devs. We do this by building tooling that just works.

Our Team

  • We value nuance and diverse perspectives

    Our team comes from web3 and self-driving to reshape data infrastructure on the web. We recognize the tension between convenience and decentralization at play in web3. Our job is to stake out nuanced positions and build opinionated software so developers have a way forward.

  • We are a distributed, global team

    Privy is a distributed company with hubs in New York City and the Bay Area. We have been working remotely for years and value both the flexibility and effectiveness of remote work, as well as the small things you only get from being around your teammates.

Building future-proof privacy infrastructure is full time work.

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Our investors

  • Sequoia
  • BlueYard
  • Electric Capital
  • Protocol Labs
  • Archetype

and many more...

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