Powerful Connectors

Reliably connect to all wallets, on any device, in every browser. Forget app store redirects or browser extension hijacking. Edge cases, handled.

Streamlined for usage

Showcase sensible wallet defaults, while giving power users the option to connect hundreds of wallet providers. Reduce confusion, increase adoption.

Built for mobile

Skip the App Store redirects and in-app wallet browser lock-in. Give your users the best experience on all of their screens, big and small.

For developers, by developers

Privy gives you a unified abstraction that works across all providers, for the best UX with a simple codebase.

Works Everywhere

Battle-tested connectors

Wallet connectors that actually work, across mobile and desktop.

Simple and Powerful

Multi-wallet accounts

Plenty of users have more than one wallet. Allow them to connect as many as they'd like to your app.


Major framework compatible

ethers.js, web3.js, wagmi? We've got you covered. Integrate in minutes and focus on your core product.

Integrate Privy in 9 minutes


Auth for Everyone

Bring web2-caliber UX - like sign in with email - to your web3 app.


Embedded Wallets

The full web3 experience for users without wallets.


User Management

Understand your users to enhance your web3 product.