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Introducing Privy’s new look

Henri Stern


Jun 22, 2022

I wish this title were a computer science joke. It’s not. We’re just very excited to introduce our new look. Thank you to the great team at Unfold for working with us on this redesign.

We’ve taken to calling it blobby

What’s in a brand?

The French say “the clothes do not make the monk” and we recognize this: Privy is only as good as its APIs are useful. We are here to build simple, powerful developer tools to help you manage user data safely and put users back in control of their data on the web. That is our core mission.

And yet, we also recognize the power of brands to create movements and foster community. Here are a few we look up to:


We’d know that hot pink anywhere. Yes, they may be building an AMM, but from the horse 🦄 to the socks 🧦, you can tell they care about their art. (June 22 edit — indeed they do).


You recognize a Flashbots team member from the ⚡🤖 and the Yamer pfp. Along with their comically understated site, these are hackers first and foremost. They ship code, with a purpose.


The website, the palette. This is about information architecture and surfacing data, plain and simple 📈.

Enter Blobby

We built Privy to help developers delight their users without putting them at risk. It’d be a shame for us not to find delight in our own work.

As a developer, dealing with user data must become simple again. You should be able to build wonderful products without stripping your users of control, or putting your product and org at risk. Privacy is table-stakes. More than that, our data future will unlock new, interesting experiences on the Web. It must be secure, engaging and playful.

What do you leave behind as you surf the web?

We’ve done our best to convey a sense of this across our work. We hope you’ll like it.

Privacy as a prism

Before / After

The new carries with it some of the old. Simple as it was, part of our old logo tried to convey change; that user identity is not uniform or fixed in time, but depends on time, place, counterparty, etc. So too, the data you present.

So why does the same unshakable data trail follow you throughout the web?You would not wear the same outfit to church, the office, or a club. And so while the clothes do not make the monk, you should get to pick what you wear online.

We see our new mascot as a version of what you can be online: your astral projection on the web, changing as you surf to continually protect and delight you. That’s the future we are building toward.

This brand will evolve along with our APIs, our org and the web and we can’t wait to help it morph.

In case you were wondering: yes, we are still hiring. We’d love for you to come shape Privy with us.

We can’t wait to see what we build together

Exciting times ahead!

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