Rehash: Privacy is a public good

Henri Stern


Dec 22, 2022

On this episode of Rehash, we sat down with Henri Stern, Co-founder and CEO of Privy. Privy helps you onboard crypto experts and beginners to your product. Regardless of whether you have a wallet, on desktop or mobile, you shouldn’t have to be an expert to get into the space and Privy makes it easy. Henri comes from a highly technical background, nonetheless, he eloquently articulates complex topics in a way in which even web3 novices can understand and appreciate. We dive into cryptography, decentralization, cryptocurrency, and more as Henri shares how Privy is helping onboard new users and tackling the issue of privacy. We also explore the nuances between things like privacy and transparency, privacy and UX, and risk and regulation. Henri shares how he’s “bullish on the bear market” and leaves listeners with some tips on how to maintain digital security.

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