Announcing multi-wallet support

Build for users across all their wallets.

Asta Li


Jan 10, 2023

Privy helps you build for people, not wallets. Most users have more than a single wallet and tying users to a single wallet limits the experiences web3 can offer.

With our latest multi-wallet feature, Privy enables developers to link multiple wallets to one underlying user account. Play around with our demo to see multi-wallet linking in action!

With multi-wallet linking, you unlock:

  • Personalized user experiences: serve your users across all of their assets, whether in cold or hot wallets. NFT marketplaces can show a gallery across all assets; NFT games can cater gameplay to loot spread across wallets.

  • No more multi-account handling: gone are the days when users had to maintain separate accounts to operate across their wallets. Support web3 power users across their portfolio.

  • Simple authentication: your users can log in with any of their wallets, regardless of what device or browser they are using, so they never have to wait to access your app.

  • Multi-wallet interactions: enable your users to log in with one wallet and mint with another. Stop asking your users to choose between security and ease of use!

Multi-wallet linking is an important pattern in making web3 more human, pioneered by apps like our friends at Zapper. We’ve made it easy for any app to integrate this feature as the next important step in our progressive onboarding journey, enabling you to onboard all potential users, regardless of whether they have wallets, across desktop and mobile. With Privy, your user can log in with an email or social account, then connect one or more wallets when contextually relevant. This leads to better UX, better engagement, and better conversion for your app.

Get started with multi-wallet today with a simple `link()` call. Check it out in our API docs! You’ll be able to support the majority of web3 power users who want to bring assets from multiple wallets into a single app experience.

Privy takes less than <15 minutes to integrate and you can get started today by filling the “Get Started” form on our website!

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