Protected By Privy

The Internet was never built with user privacy in mind. Privy exists to put you back in control of your data. Here's a cheat sheet on how Privy protects your data.

What is Privy?

You wouldn't want your personal data, like your name or your email, posted in the public square like a blockchain or siloed in an insecure database! That's where Privy comes in.

Privy is an off-chain data store designed to help developers secure your sensitive information. A product using Privy means your data is encrypted end-to-end, and only available to the right people.

Your data and Privy

Our goal is to let developers focus entirely on building delightful products while putting you back in control of your data. This means enabling you to control data access yourself, deciding which apps have access to what data, and revoking this access when you are done using the product.

How Privy Protects You

  • End-to-end encryption

    Privy encrypts your data end-to-end with keys unique to you. Every piece of data is encrypted under new keys. Your sensitive data never leaves your device unencrypted.

  • Fine-grained control

    Privy gives developers robust access controls so they can ensure only the right parties have access to your data.

  • Real visibility

    Privy gives you visibility into who is accessing your data and the power to revoke access at any time.

Privy itself never sees your data.

But you can see the code behind Privy

Better products need safer data

Privy runs the following infrastructure to secure your data:

  • Storage

    Privy manages all aspects of off-chain data storage including replication and scaling for your datastore. Manage your data from app to app and never worry about losing it again.

  • Key Management

    Privy manages dedicated hardware to handle key generation, lifecycle management and rotation. Looking ahead, you'll be able to custody your data the same way you do your crypto: with your wallet.

  • Cryptography

    Privy's client libraries handle encryption and decryption on your device. They have been rigorously audited by industry professionals. All our client-side libraries are open-source.

  • Permissions & Consent

    Data privacy isn't black or white. It's not about products having no data, but about your ability to choose who has access to what data. Privy gives developers granular access controls so they can control who accesses it. It enables you to track this so you can make informed decisions.

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